Myths surrounding legal highs

Can the Police do anything about them? ... YES

The Police have the right to seize substances and send for testing. Even if they are found to be legal these products will not normally be returned to the user.

Does legal mean safe? ... NO

Like all drugs, ‘legal highs’ have good and bad effects. Good effects include euphoria and energy but there are many side effects including damage to the organs, paranoia, anxiety and psychosis. These effects are made worse if you mix drugs together (including alcohol).

Does legal = weak? ... NO

Many of these substances are very strong.Packets with the same name may contain different chemicals and some of these drugs have effects that last for 24 hours.

Does herbal = natural? ... NO

Unlike real cannabis, synthetic types are ordinary plants that have been sprayed /soaked in chemicals.

Does it matter how I take the drugs? ... YES

Injecting has the highest risk involved and must be avoided at all costs.

What should I do if somebody has an overdose?

Stay calm! Signs of an overdose includes seizures, hallucinations, severe nausea and vomiting and over heating. Immediately call for help or 999. State the location and situation (including name of substance used, if possible). Do not restrain casualty and if unconscious place casualty on their side. If they are not breathing the emergency services will talk you through CPR. Stay with the casualty until help arrives.

Who can I speak to about my drug use?

Search for services in your area by visiting www.scottishdrugservices.com