The law catches up on 'LEGAL' HIGHS

One of the major - and fastest-growing areas of concern -  is the increased availability of drugs known as New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), and often described as "legal" highs. To find out more information about this issue, click HERE

Until recently, the legal position regarding these products was very unclear, but that position has altered with the passing of the UK Psychoactive Substances Act. It is now illegal to produce, supply, offer to supply, possess with intent to supply, or import or export (including over the internet) any psychoactive substances. More information about the legal position can be found HERE 

The legislation comes as parents all over the country are having to deal with the consequences of their children using legal highs ... and it's not only youngsters who are dying through these substances.

The parents of 33-year-old David Lewis had the agony of watching their son spend more than seven weeks in hospital as a deadly infection ravaged his brain, heart and lungs.

David died from the consequences of taking "Burst" and his story can be read HERE