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 A cocktail of killers

The range of substances - both legal and illegal - that can wreck lives is growing by the day. 

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Find out more about the problems associated with drugs  HERE 

Deadly dangers of drink and drugs

Hundreds of people die every year from the abuse of drugs in Scotland - and in just 10 years, the death rate doubled to 584.

Most of these deaths were attributed to depressants such as heroin, alcohol and methadone. However, the dangers of stimulant drugs such as cocaine (Scotland has the highest percentage of cocaine users in the world) and ecstasy also contributed to many deaths, and recently legal highs and volatile substances have been the subject of much media attention.

Alongside the increasing use of these substances, alcohol has become an integral part of society. It is cheap, readily available and is often perceived to be glamorous and fashionable. However, it is important that our young people realise that alcohol is in fact a drug and has the ability to alter your mind, lower your inhibitions and lead you to make poor decisions.

It is becoming increasingly evident that as a nation our relationship with alcohol has  become  unbalanced – and that much more needs to be done to educate people on the dangers of drugs in Scotland.