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The mission of Liber8 is to improve the health, wellbeing and the quality of people's lives, with a particular regard to reducing the negative impact of alcohol and substance misuse on the individual, families and communities.Find out more at: http://www.liber8.org.uk/

Know the Score and Talk to Frank are two sites full of information to help you learn more about different types of drugs, the risks and the law. Find out what to do in an emergency and where to get help when you need it by logging on to: 



No laughing matter

Most young people are influenced to some degree by peer pressure, with many young people keen to ‘fit in. Young people who experiment with drugs or alcohol are rarely aware of the devastating impact it can have on their health and their employment opportunities in the future, while drinking is often described as ‘cool’, ‘fun’ and ‘a laugh’.

Young people can also be confused by the reclassification of drugs, the naming of products such as ‘legal highs’, and the impression in some circles that certain drugs are less harmful than others.

Many are also unaware of the moral and environmental issues surrounding drug production in developing countries.

And it's not only among the young that you find people totally unaware of the negative impact drinking can have on their health.

From stress to peer pressure, celebrity to advertising, it is understandable why drinking is perceived to be the norm.

By giving young people appropriate information, they can be educated in an appropriate way as to the dangers of drugs and also perhaps come to realise that drinking alcohol is in fact a bad choice.

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