Fancy a smoke ... think again!

Have you ever thought about trying a ‘fag’, ‘snout’ or  a cigarette? 

Many young people start smoking at a young age. They are tempted to do so because of many factors - family, peer pressure, stress, celebrities - or simply because they're curious.

It is very important to realise that even if you only try smoking one time, you can become addicted. Smoking is a very difficult habit to break.

Smoking has an extremely negative impact on your health and well being.

Young people and teens spend a lot of time aiming to look their best. Do you realise that smoking affects skin, teeth, hair and nails? 

Do you realise that smoking increases chances of a heart attack, developing cancer and ultimately lowers life expectancy?

Please explore this website and educate yourself on the dangers of smoking. Remember it is always your choice … choose not to smoke.

 And if you are already a smoker, it's never too early to try to quit. There is lots of support out there - for example, the  CanStopSmoking  website. 

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