Violence/anti-social behaviour 

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Communities can be blighted by violence and other anti-social issues. However, advice can be found from a variety of sources such as Shelter, Citizens' Advice and local councils.

In 2005 Strathclyde Police established the Violence Reduction Unit to target all forms of violent behaviour, in particular knife crime and weapon carrying. In 2006 the Unit’s remit was extended nationwide and has simple aims: to reduce violent crime and behaviour by working with partner agencies and to focus on enforcement, to manage individuals who carry weapons or who are involved in violent behaviour. 

Another source of useful information is the Police Scotland website.

No Knives Better Lives spells out the dangers of carrying a knife - and the potential consequences for everybody involved.

Crimestoppers' Fearless website is another handy site full of useful information

A deadly battle

Territorial issues and gangland boundaries have seldom changed over the years, with many gang members adopting attitudes passed down from their peers.  

Some young people may join a gang for a sense of belonging, others as they are looking for excitement.  

Many young people who join a gang can quickly become involved in anti-social behaviour, come into contact with Police and in some tragic cases can end up in hospital with life-threatening or fatal injuries.  

Parents and guardians have vital roles to play in the fight against anti-social behaviour and violence.  By questioning their own perception on gangs, and on attempting to steer their children away from negative influences, parents and guardians can make all the difference in their children’s lives.

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