Fire Reach Project

The aims of the Fire Reach scheme are to:

Target 14-17 year olds.

Develop physical and mental capabilities.

Become members or leaders of a team.

Improve self-discipline.

Improve confidence and communication skills.

Develop a knowledge and awareness of their community.

Improve safety knowledge concerning the workplace and home.

Develop an understanding about the contribution the Fire Service and other agencies make to society.

Provide an opportunity to undertake basic First Aid skills.

To deliver a clear community safety message.

False Alarms

Fire false alarms are at their lowest for a decade, since 2002 the reduction of malicious fire false alarms has fallen from 14% to 5% with a total of 3064 being recorded. 

During the same period 1118 Open hydrant incidents were attended of which 140 were reported in the South Lanarkshire area. 

A total of 18,610 fires recorded were secondary (non property) which was a decrease from the previous year of some 23%. The activity that may have contributed to this reduction includes challenging the caller making these type of calls, and engaging in community youth engagement.

Established Partners

The fire service offers these courses to youth groups, schools, colleges and council partners. The course runs over 5 days at one of our local community fire stations. The stations remain operational whilst the courses proceed. In 2012 a total of 83 young people participating from 6 partner groups with courses being run throughout the year. The fire service welcomes feedback from the young people and the group managers. All the instructors who operate the courses are experienced Firefighters who enjoy delivering and developing the project for the benefit and enjoyment of their students.

Fire Reach Project

Fire Reach forms part of the Scottish Fire Service’s ‘Working with young people’ strategy to positively engage with young people who may become involved in fire related anti-social behaviour such as: malicious calls, fire hydrant misuse and secondary fires. 

The purpose of the scheme is to provide training and development opportunities to young people in South Lanarkshire, principally through Fire Service related activities that will encourage them to make the most of their physical and mental capabilities.

The scheme is designed to raise young people’s awareness of the role of the Fire Service and other linked agencies within their community. 

The young people are taken through their paces with three instructors who all work as operational fire fighters for the service. The instructors provide a structured programme of activities which contribute towards “positive citizenship” through team building, problem solving and confidence building.

It is anticipated that with displayed commitment, regular attendance and the completion of many aspects of the programme, the young people will enhance their employment prospects.

What happens at FireReach

One of the main aims of the course is to try and change attitudes and perceptions of young people by showing them life skills and responsibilities.  This is achieved by providing a programme, which includes the essential elements of first aid, use of operational equipment such as hose and ladders, all within a disciplined environment.  Other essential elements of the course are punctuality, good attendance, general appearance and demeanour.

The culmination of the course is the Graduation and presentation of Certificates and Portfolio of Work.  Participants will also demonstrate, in front of invited relatives, friends and guests, the skills learned throughout their Fire Service experience.

Fire Reach is seen as an important part of community engagement. Each young person has the opportunity to learn about: Health and Safety; Risk Assessments; Manual Handling; Basic Hose Running; Basic Drills; Search and Rescue Drills

The group finalise their week by inviting family, friends and senior fire service staff with their Display Event  which demonstrates all the skills they have gained and allows them to gain their Fire Reach Certificate.

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